DESIGN TEAMs FOr START-UPS on subscription
We help your business grow and become more profitable, with top design and research talent. Working at speed with no hidden costs, no wasted pennies, only scalable growth (and success, ofc).

It takes anywhere from 20-30 days to fill creative and tech roles. Let us sort it for you within 24 hours.
Our team has collaborated with...
A logo for actioncy, a software company
A logo for Dell, a software and hardware company
A logo for Spotify. An audio company
A logo for Emirates. An airline.
A logo for BCG. A consultancy
A logo for Epic Games. A games company

Minimal hassle astronomical IMPACT

Let’s call a spade a spade. Most agencies overcharge, bake in hidden costs and underdeliver, and unvetted freelancers pose an unreliable risk. Enter Koki. We’re a purpose-built monthly subscription solution, which saves you months of lost work, money and effort - without compromising on ethical design and quality. You pay a flat fee, we find the experts and deliver the goods.


Faster than hiring FREELANCERS




Overhead for HR

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"We buy everything on subscription. Why not design?

I built Koki as I fundamentally believe that there is a better way to work. Having worked on projects for Spotify, Dell, Epic Games and collaborated with top-tier consultancies, I felt like there was something missing. A way for startups to access top design talent and designers to find work they enjoy. Koki was born to meet the reality of modern work where needs change frequently and businesses need to deliver - quickly.

Dan Andrews


We are the sweet spot, by design

1. We save you time

Don't waste time with chasing freelancers, trying to make that hire, or hiring big and slow-moving agencies.  Using cheap marketplaces costs your more in the long-run.

2. We only work with the best

Work with top-tier designers who can also manage stakeholders, have a track record of delivering business-critical projects and help you take your business to the next phase.


Creating the brief

What are your goals? Acquiring more customers? Improving retention? Increasing revenue? We align to these and make sure we target the right business metrics.


Finding the talent

We find the right people for the job and are very selective as to who we bring in. We make sure the soft-skills as well as the hard-skills match the project.



Get to know your new team and the project with a kickoff workshop. We align on the brief, and create touchpoints for regular check-ins.

Whoever you are. 
We've got you

All you need to do is pick a monthly subscription based on your business needs. We have worked on hundreds of projects from inception through to delivery.

The small print:
Subscriptions can be changed or cancelled at any time, and will run to the end of the 30 day billing period.
All requests are responded to within 48 hours along with expected timeframe for delivery.


As a founder on entrpreneur, its hard to know what good looks like, or even where to go to make your hire. Freelancers are a big risk, and you can't afford to make a mistake at this stage of the game.

We can help you acquire more customers and (importantly) keep the ones you have.

- 1 senior part-time and 1 junior full-time
/ mo
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Looking to shake things up? Maybe you have a digital transformation project you are looking to start? Or maybe you just need to grow your team quickly. Whatever it is, we are your extended full-stack team with

- Two designers.
/ mo
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